About the Series

About the Series

Supporting mental wellbeing in the workplace

Around 20% of Australian employees will experience a mental health issue at one time during their career, and this can have an enormous impact on their working and personal life.

Which is why EML Group and The Shannon Company created this six-part series which takes an engaging look at workplace culture and what employers and workers can do to reduce the risk of mental injury.

(Mis)behave with Dave

The series centres around the team at the fictional Inappropriate Corporation, a sometimes dysfunctional workplace with some big workplace mental health issues that needed addressing.

Join comedian Dave O’Neil and the Inappropriate Corporation team who together with leading organisational psychologist Dr Peter Cotton, navigate a range of common issues such as work overload, stigma, change management, bullying and incivility.

The series was funded by EML, which as a mutual reinvests part of its profits back into funding safety and wellness initiatives to help employers and workers create safer workplaces for everyone.

Because as Dave says – “We all deserve to be happy and healthy at work.”