The Cast

The Cast

Dr Peter Cotton FAPS

“I see many, many instances in the workplace where it becomes apparent, in retrospect, that the problem which is now a major drama or issue could have been resolved if it had been addressed much earlier.”

Dr Cotton is a Clinical & Organisational Psychologist specialising in how work environments influence employee mental health, wellbeing and behaviours. He has published a number of book chapters and peer reviewed research papers, and works as an advisor to government and the corporate sector.

Dr Cotton is currently in the final stage of three-year organisation-wide program with CSIRO to address an improvement notice around workplace bullying, and build leadership capability to manage mental health issues. He was the lead author of the recently released Australian Public Service Commission and Comcare guidelines – Working as One: Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work. Dr Cotton has also just concluded an external state-wide review of Victoria Police mental health, wellbeing and suicide prevention services.

He has an ongoing role as a Senior Mental Health Clinician with WorkSafe Victoria and the Transport Accident Commission. He also conducts a private clinical practice, regularly undertaking fitness for duty and psychosocial risk assessments.

Dr Cotton holds the following current professional appointments: Workplace Mental Health Advisor with SuperFriend (the not for profit mental health and wellbeing foundation funded by industry superannuation funds); and member, beyondblue Workplace Mental Health Expert Advisory Group.

Dave O’Neil

“Humour is good. It pushes a serious message and also breaks through with people. A good reason for people to watch something is because it’s funny!”

Dave O’Neil is one of Australia’s most loved comedians. He has been performing stand-up for over 25 years, performing regularly in major comedy festivals. He has been part of some of Australia’s most successful FM radio teams and is a regular on local TV. He is also a successful writer, columnist and actor.