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Inappropriate Corporation is a fictional company, created by The Shannon Company and EML Group for the (Mis)behave with Dave series. It features awesome Australian actors (like Doris and Trent) who were paid for their time and artistry, along with a few EML staff who gave up their lunch breaks to be extras and were paid in sandwiches and thank yous.

We’re still not sure what the team at Inappropriate Corporation does there so it’s best to contact EML if you would like further information.

EML has been helping people get their lives back after a workplace injury for over 100 years. With extensive experience managing claims nationally, we understand the complexities of workers compensation.

We believe our difference is our commitment to exceptional service and the specialist expertise our people bring to their work, each and every day, to help people recover from injury and get their lives back.

T: 02 8251 9000
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A: GPO Box 4143, SYDNEY NSW 2001