Episode 6 – Bullying

The boss tells David that there have been incidences of bullying at Inappropriate Corporation. She’s brought in workplace stress expert, Dr Peter Cotton, to work with Dave as the company has zero tolerance for workplace bullying.

In this episode, Dave learns that bullying can occur at all levels of an organisation, and even occur from outside the company, such as from a customer. Dave gets a crash course in what behaviour to look out for and what to do, so that issues are addressed early as the consequences of inaction can be serious.

Dr Cotton’s top tips

Bullying is repeated behaviour that includes being:

  • Excluded from social activities
  • Picked on, abused, publicly criticised
  • Given the worst jobs

It can happen in upwards, downwards and sideways in an organisation.

Managers need to:

  • Be vigilant and inclusive
  • Lead and get help if needed
  • Listen to staff, and act immediately

Remember, it’s everyone’s responsibility to take action.